Project Management

Project management services are provided to co-ordinate the design team and achieve all project goals within the given constraints on behalf of the Client. The early engagement of a Project Manager is essential in certain instances for the successful procurement of the whole project and essentially takes on the Clients role for them to manage all aspects of the project and eliminate or minimise risks. This can extend beyond construction to the procurement and furnishing of a building where the Client does not have the expertise or time to carry out these roles. 

Project Managers occupy a central role in the development process, driving successful completion of projects. Project management is a thriving professional discipline much in demand around the globe. Typically, Project Managers will be appointed at the beginning of a project and will assist the client in developing the project brief and then selecting, appointing and co-ordinating the project team. A Project Manager will then usually represent the Client throughout the full development process managing the inputs from the client, consultants, contractors, supply chain and other stakeholders. Those working in project management can choose from a variety of potential employers including Clients and Consultants from both the public and private sectors. The Project Manager is responsible for the following roles on a construction project: