Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying and Cost Consultancy services are the core part of our business at McGowan Miller.

Control of costs, pre construction, during construction and at completion are important along with the actual design, costs can help determine the final design adopted at an early stage to allow better planning and selection of materials that are within budget. We are happy to discuss with any client’s the advantages of engaging a Quantity Surveyor on their project such as the certainty that they have received a competitive price, control of costs and contractual control of the contractor.

Quantity surveyors are the cost managers of construction. They are initially involved with the capital expenditure phase of a building or facility, which is the feasibility, design and construction phases, but they can also be involved with the extension, refurbishment, maintenance and demolition of a facility. The construction industry is global and extends across all real estate and infrastructure markets. Quantity surveyors work in all sectors of the construction industry worldwide. In real estate, this covers residential, commercial, industrial, leisure, agricultural and retail facilities. In infrastructure, it covers roads, railways, water ways, airports, seaports, coastal defences, power generation and utilities. Quantity surveyors must understand all aspects of construction over the whole life of a building or facility. They must have the ability to manage cost effectively, equating quality and value with individual client needs. As a quantity surveyor, you may be working as a consultant in private practice, for a developer or in the development arm of a major organisation (e.g. retailer, manufacturer, utility company or airport), for a public-sector body or for a loss adjuster.

Whilst the type of Quantity Surveying service we provide has evolved and changed over the years to meet the ever changing marketplace, we have not lost sight of our main target which is delivery of construction projects within the cost constraints agreed with our Clients and fellow design team members.
The list below highlight the various Quantity Surveying services which we can provide, any, or all, of which can be utilised depending on the client’s needs and type and scale of project: